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Technical Rebreather Instructor


DiveAssist Egypt Accident Pro Diver provides annual membership insurance coverage for in-water diving related Accidents and injuries including coverage for instructing, supervising and guiding.

Please read carefully the insurance policy.

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 Conditions of the insurance policy for diving and snorkeling professionals



1.Emergency Medical Snorkelling€ 15,000
2.HBO / DCI Treatment€ 30,000
3.Air Evacuation/ Medical Repatriation€ 15,000
4.Search and Rescue€ 10,000
5.Additional Transport Accommodation€ 5,000
6.After the event€ 1,500
7.Death€ 10,000
8Loss of One Limb/Eye€ 5,000
9.Professional Liability€ 30,000
10.Permanent Total Disability€ 5,000
 Aggregate Limit for coverages 1-10 above€ 30,000


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