Emergency Medical Assistance

For policies after 19.09.2018


In the event of a Medical Emergency go to or call immediately the nearest physician or hospital without delay, then contact Mayday.

When calling please give your Name, Policy number and brief description of the problem. Mayday can be contacted on the following number: +44(0)2080501991, Email operations@maydayassistance.com


To submit a claim form for a non-emergency claim click here.

You will be redirected to the divemasterinsurance site.

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Contact email: info@diveassist.org

Contact address:

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  • Looking for help, contact our insurance partners member service:
  • For Spain (where insurance is mandatory)  contact SegurSub, Phone: +34971695592 
  • For English speaking Members in EU and world wide contact Dive Master Insurance, Phone: +44 (0)1702 476902  
  • For Non-English-speaking Members in the EU contact our EU membership support, Phone: +49 (0)1733651228                                                                                         
  • Southeast Asia: H20 Cover: don@h20cover.com or garyh@h20cover.com                                                                                                             
  • DiveAssist.org Red Sea, Phone: +2(1)000002200 sameh@diveassist.org