NGS Emergency Medical Assistance - Only contact in case of an Emergency

The Assured and Insured Persons should use the services of the following named assistance company for all assistance matters, medical emergency matters, in-patient hospital treatment and evacuation/repatriation. The assistance company will be solely responsible for all decisions on the most suitable, practical and reasonable solution to any problem. All such assistance is subject to the prior approval of said assistance company:




Northcott Global Solutions Ltd

Tel: +44 (0)207 183 8910  Back up Mobile: +44(0) 7785627433     Email: ops@northcottglobalsolutions.com

Northcott Global Solutions Ltd (NGS) may be contacted at any time.

In the event of an Insured Person requiring in-patient hospital treatment and/or evacuation/repatriation, it is imperative that NGS is contacted and authorisation obtained prior to such treatment and/or evacuation/repatriation taking place.
NGS must be informed that this Contract covers the person concerned and the following details must be provided:

  • The Insured Person’s name 
  • The Insured Person’s location 
  • The Insured Person’s details (including passport/visa etc). 
  • The Policy number 
  • Policy holder’s name (if different to Insured Person’s name) 
  • The name and phone number of the doctor and hospital treating the Insured Person (if applicable) 
  • Any additional people (outside of normal protocol) that should be updated throughout the case 
  • Nature of the incident 
  • The desired end state (what you want NGS to do) 
  • Any other pertinent information on the incident that may effect NGS’ response (security situation etc) 

Failure to contact NGS and obtain authorisation may prejudice the claim and could mean that some or all of the costs involved may not be paid. The Assured and the Insured Person should not attempt to find their own solution and then expect full reimbursement from the Underwriters without prior approval first having been obtained from NGS.

In the event that liability cannot be established at the outset of an emergency it is agreed that the first named insured will guarantee payment until such time that liability can be accepted by insurers.




To submit a claim form for a non-emergency claim click here.

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