How to apply for a job in a dive center?

 Dive centers have their own identity, message and dive specialties. When applying for a job, have a good look on what the center stands for. You will find the information you can use on the website, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google Plus, Instagram. 

A small family-run center is not the same as a center that is part of a group. Who are their customers, what languages do they support or teach in. The type of activities offered (guided dives, boat and/or shore dives, training/courses) 

Keep your resume simple, ideally one page. Point out your work experience prior to becoming a dive instructor. The centers are interested in the number of certifications done and for what courses. It is important for the center to see you are competent in teaching all levels of diving. 

A good resume must include: Contact details (including social media like Facebook and Instagram) Your date of birth Current location Your instructor number Where and when you did your instructor course What specialties you are certified for as instructor What have you been teaching What languages you speak and can teach in What other qualifications you have Include a recent picture of your whole person. 

Clearly state your motivation for the application and be open about your expectations. A center looking for staff to cover the season may not be interesting if you are looking for a long-time job. 

If you provide the dive center with references, the center will probably contact the people. Make sure the people you use as a reference are aware you mention them in your application. 

Dive Assist wishes you Good Luck with finding a new Job.