Dive Center Liability Basic

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DiveAssist Dive center liability basic


Please read carefully the insurance policy.

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DiveAssist Dive center liability basic offers unique cover for:

  • Advice and instruction
  • Failure to give correct advice
  • Training in all recreational dive training courses including Technical Diving
  • Training and instruction away from your own premises
  • Training anywhere in the world (excl. USA and Canada)
  • Liability between trainees under the supervision of your dive center/school
  • Liability for handling boats up to 15 meters in length in connection with your business
  • Principals (i.e. Schools/Hotels/Tour Operators) if they are joined in a suit against you
  • Advice given by your employees whether full time, part time or voluntary
  • Liability of operating a compressor
BenefitInsured Section A – Public LiabilityInsured section B – Pollution liability
Limit€1,500,000 any one occurrence with costs and expenses in addition€1,500,000 any one occurrence and in the aggregate with costs and expenses in addition
Excesses€1,000 any one claim€1,000 any one claim
Territorial Limits:Worldwide but excluding North AmericaWorldwide but excluding North America

Optional Cover

Flat rate for medical treatments for unlimited entry level students.

Schedule Of Benefits

The underwriting Company will pay up to the limits set against each section. However, the maximum total recoverable amount under sections 1. to 5. in the aggregate shall not exceed €10,000 in total.

1. Medical ExpensesEUR 10.000
2.Hyperbaric Treatment CostsEUR 10.000
3.Emergency Repatriation (at the option of the Company )EUR 10.000
4.Reasonable Transportation Costs & Accommodation Expenses EUR 5,000
5.Search and Rescue CostsEUR 10,000
6.Personal Accident Coverage: If during the coverage period the Insured sustains Injury /death due to a diving Accident, the following benefits will apply:DeathEUR 6,000
Permanent Total Disability EUR 6,000


Additional information

Flat rate for medical expenses for unlimited entry level students (no registration required)

Flat rate -Yes, No- Flat rate